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Traditional Freestanding JKD Wooden Dummy

Our traditional free standing JKD Dummies are ideal dummies for JKD practitioners that require a quality correctly handmade full size, solid and stable freestanding wooden dummy custom made to the practitioners height.

Natural matt finish gives the traditional look.

Traditional Freestanding JKD

Wooden Dummy


  • Handmade by highly skilled craftsmen here in the UK

  • Traditional JKD specifications.

  • Built using hand selected good quality timber

  • Stable full sized freestanding wooden dummy

  • JKD neck cutout

  • Various colours to chose from









Our traditional free Standing JKD  Wooden Dummy, carefully hand crafted by us here in the UK using good quality timber. Very independent and stand alone anywhere on a flat surface/floor. Very stable with a little “feedback” which is excellent for JKD training. It cannot be knocked to the ground whilst practicing the JKD form. Built professionally using good quality timber ensuring a long lasting wooden dummy. The dummy has a beautiful subtle sheen, giving the dummy a beautiful natural and traditional look.

The Body

The body is constructed from good quality timber that has been hand selected. This ensures a strong long lasting dummy. Timber is hand picked to ensure that the most attractive timbers are showing, the result is a very attractive and beautiful Wooden Dummy body. Full sized solid dummy body, the square holes are are all correctly placed and cut according to JKD specifications.

The Arms

The arms are constructed from good quality hand selected timber. We make sure all arms are hand made from timber which is strong enough to withstand the force of the strikes/movements placed upon them. They are hand turned on a lathe for a perfect taper and sizes.

The Leg

The leg is carefully laminated from good quality timber to construct a very strong leg. Also built to the correct sizes for JKD training.

The Stand

For a freestanding Wooden dummy it is very important for the stand to be to be strong and secure enabling maximum stability. The stand is built using thick good quality timber.

UK Mainland postage at checkout  - Other areas please ask for quotation before purchasing.

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