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Lean & Mean  Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

Our Lean & Mean wooden dummies, they are a compact half round full length dummy which is perfect when space is limited as it has all the benefits of a full size wooden dummy. Mounted to the wall to suit the practitioner.

Lean & Mean Wooden Dummy

From £329.99

  • Handmade by highly skilled craftsmen here in the UK

  • Bespoke to customers specifications and colour

  • Built using hand selected high quality timber

  • Wall mounted, can be mounted to any height to suit the practitioner

  • Various colours to choose from

  • Wing Chun or JKD neck style


Red Mahogany.png
Ash Grey.png

Our Lean & Mean Wooden Dummy,carefully hand crafted to the customers colour and selected specifications from high quality timber by us here in the UK. The body is half of a full 9 Inch Wooden Dummy trunk.  As these can be mounted to the practitioners preferred height, maximum benefit is achieved towards their Wing Chun training. Also various colours are available to suit the customers preference.


The Body

The body is constructed from the finest hand selected timber. This ensures a strong long lasting high quality dummy body. We hand pick the timber to ensure that only high quality and beautiful timbers are being used, the result is a very attractive and beautiful Wooden Dummy body. The square holes are are all correctly placed and cut according to your linage/specifications, ensuring you get that correct “clack” sound when training.


The Arms

The arms are constructed from the finest timber. We make sure all arms are hand made from timber which is strong enough to withstand the force of the strikes/movements placed upon them. They are Hand turned on a lathe for a perfect taper and sizes according to specifications.


The Leg

The leg is carefully laminated from quality timber to construct a very strong leg. Also built to the correct sizes.

All wood used is from sustainable forests, preserving the environment.

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