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Sohail Hussain - Portable Ip Man free Standing - Birmingham

I have received a very well made and sturdy wooden dummy, and it can be taken apart and put together very easily which is good for keeping indoors at home. It looks great and finished to a high standard. It is heavy duty and won't break if you exert force on it. You pay for a high quality item and brilliant craftsmanship. You won't regret your purchase. The creator of the dummy has given great customer service too, anytime I have emailed regarding a query, they have always taken the time to respond to me. Thank you to ulti-mate wooden dummies for making me my portable dummy, it is my prized possession. 

James Bond - JKD Free Standing - Edinburgh

Hi Steve pal, dummy is better than I imagined it would be, I'm over the moon with the look and the quality

John Garland - Free Standing - Sittingbourne

Received, assembled... wow, amazing work, really great job. I love the feel/sound of it and it is definitely going to be my favourite of the two. Overall extremely happy, and it arrived in time for my birthday tomorrow. Thanks!

Cheers - John

Kevin Rockhill - Free Standing Mantis/Lop Sao - Somerset

I had been researching wooden dummies for some time, looking for one what would be suitable for Hakka arts, free standing and of quality build. I came across Ulti-mate wooden dummies freestanding dummy, which was designed for Mantis and Lop sau drills. Being bespoke there is delay time due being hand built and demand, though was very pleased with what arrived.

 I have had a go on a different companies freestanding dummy which was more expensive though was told to go carful in case it breaks, so very happy with mine when I put it through a hammering.

Communication with Steve was not quick as he puts being in the workshop first, though communication was cordial and a pleasant individual to discuss one’s specific needs with.

Whilst not the cheapest dummies on the market, at the end of the day one gets what one pays for and in this case the buyer will receive a bespoke, quality build dummy. I suggest anyone looking for a dummy check out his website and have a chat on the phone in regard one’s specific needs.

Mark Nolan - Portable Freestanding - Manchester

Thank you for my dummy. It was worth the wait. The packaging was excellent and it arrived perfectly.  It was also easy to assemble. Thank you for your workmanship it does you credit. 

All the best

Mark Nolan 

Geoff Benning - Freestanding - Jersey

Hey Steve,
It’s here!...and it’s more awesome than I even dared imagine!!! Sooooooooo chuffed with it.
Thanks very much indeed.
With kind regards.


Steve Tewkesbury - Portable Oak Freestanding - Devon

Good morning Steve ​

Just to let you know that the Dummie has arrived yesterday, 10th , its all put together ok, love it​.

Steve & Tracy

Zi Masters - JKD Walnut Freestanding - London

The dummy is beautiful.​

Zi Masters​

David Woolfall - Portable Ip Man Freestanding - London

Not only is the dummy a thing of beauty. I did put the dummy together and had a light go last night. Really lovely feel to it to. You can see you either do wing chun (very likely)  or have an understanding of how it should feel. My Sifu used to use the term the dummy is 'alive’, and that's how it feels. It has some give which is really nice. My previous dummy was rigid and had no movement at all. (that was a framed one from that I purchased cheaply from eBay) I've never touched a dummy like this before; really good.

Speak to you soon



Michael Kidd - Freestanding Rope Bound JKD Wooden Dummy - Cumbria


Just to let you know I have got my dummy today 😁. It’s really good, I am really pleased with it.

Thanks so much for everything.



Odie Oputa - Freestanding JKD Rope Bound Wooden Dummy - London

Hi Steve, thank you for keeping your word, here’s my feed back.The dummy is perfect thanks a thousand times;

I finally unwrapped and set up my JKD freestanding, triple bounded, Wooden wooden dummy. It fulfilled its promise. It is, as expected, a truly unique tool of expression created with immense craftsmanship, genuine passion, and

precise attention to specific details.

The dummy responds absolutely well to the Wing Chun/JKD wooden dummy form and acts as an innovative tool to create and explore other individual techniques.

This dummy is definitely created by the best company in the market, Ultimate wooden dummies. If your in  search of the best of the ultimate best, Ultimate wooden dummy simply  out classes the rest.

Thank you once again, Steve, for your hard work and dedication into the production of my ultimate Wooden dummy.The martial arts world is in need of your insights from talent.



Odie Oputa


Antony Niall - Freestanding Mantis/Lop Sao Wooden Dummy - Scotland

Many thanks for an extremely nice looking wooden man - looks like a classic sculpture/work of art -

even the other 'arf likes it, and that’s saying something - she does not usually like my equipment !

many thanks



Aaron Bacchus - Freestanding Rope Bound Wooden Dummy - London

Hi just to let you know the dummies was delivered its very good well built.


Arron Baccus


Dominik Lutz - Quick Removable Freestanding Wooden Dummy - Germany

Dear Steven,

Everything is alright! The Dummy has his place founded! It is really good work! I‘m looking forward to work on it!

Many Thanks and all the best!



Reto Turnell - Portable JKD Freestanding Wooden Dummy - Switzerland

Hi Steven

Yesterday I received the dummy. Everything is fine and the quality looks good. Thank you very much.



Mark Goy - Freestanding Wooden Dummy - South Yorkshire

Thank you for your (and other people's if involved) work, it's a very nice dummy and I am very happy with it :)

Mark G


Marcin Pankowski - Freestanding Ip man Wooden Dummy - London


Wooden dummy arrived yestarday...and it is perfect...thing of beauty

Thank you

Kind regards



Karl Bruen -  Freestanding Wong Sheung Leung Wooden Dummy - Essex


Thankyou very much it is stunning! Looks great and is now up and being used! The neighbours will love me clunking away on it at night!

Thanks again!



Matthew Mills - Rope Bound JKD Quick Removable - Essex

Hello Steve,

I hope this note finds you keeping well. I’m delighted to say that my Mook Jong arrived safely this morning.

It is an absolute thing of beauty. It’s almost too pretty to train with.

Thank you so much. I will be sure to post a few pictures and a testimonial to facebook for you.

With all good wishes, Matthew



John Wilson - Freestanding Rope JKD Wooden Dummy - Glasgow


Steve, it's arrived and it is a thing of beauty... am truly speechless at the outstanding quality of this piece....amazing!

Thanks so much Steve and I'll be sure to be recommending to fellow martial artists.

Thanks again and have a Great Christmas and an even better New Year!

Johnny :0)



Jon Stiener - Oak Portable Freestanding Ip Man - London

Hi Steven,

I am delighted with my Wooden Dummy from Ulti-mate, I went for an Oak dummy as it matches my Lounge floor which is where It lives. It looks & feels amazing.

I never thought that a free standing dummy could be that good, It has totally grown on me & now I even prefer it to my Sifu’s hand made rack mounted dummy.  

As others have said here its a work of Art!

Many Thanks



Mark Williams - Freestanding Wooden Dummy - Par, UK

Hi Steven

Just wanted to let you know that the dummy arrived this afternoon and it's all assembled and looking great. It's a really impressive piece of craftsmanship and is clearly high quality.

Thanks again for the hard work

Mark Williams



Brian Duncan - Freestanding Wooden Dummy - USA

Hey Steve,

Everything came in yesterday and I get it all set up. I got to do my morning practice with it today.

Really love it! The color and the grain of the wood looks beautiful. The dummy is definitely a high quality.

Thanks for all the hard work!


Brian Duncan



Steven Tewekesbury - Oak Portable Freestanding - Devon

Good morning Steven at Ulti-Mate

Firstly I would like to say what a wonderful website you have its amazing in fact it’s just what we’ve been looking for.

It’s taken me just under a year to find a craftsman that knows just what they are doing with wood,

I’ve been all over the web looking on Amazon & EBay and it’s just not what we was looking for.

The qualities of your dummies are without a doubt the best I’ve ever seen you’ve got our custom Steven.

We both like the JKD/Jun Fan Dummy along with the Ulti-mate portable freestanding dummy. This exclusive wooden dummy separates into three pieces. Love the colour of that one.


Wayne Jackson - Freestanding Wing Chun Dummy - Exeter

Hi Steven,

I have received the dummy.You have not disappointed, it is a piece of art as expected, so thank you.

Thanks So much for your help and I've been admiring your craftsmen's men-ship since I started training Wing Chun so very happy to have finally got a order in with you ..

Thanks again

Wayne Jackson


Ray Berger  - Ulti-Mate Portable Freestanding - Germany

Hello Steven,

Thanks a lot for you email. Your Wooden Dummy is perfect Steven!

I have now something about which I am very happy.

After all I found your Homepage, and now I'm really happy with your product. I thank you so much Steven!

Have a nice evening

Best regards



Delroy Bell - Freestanding Wing Chun Dummy - London


I purchased my wooden dummy 5 years ago and I have to admit it is money well spent. I have abused this dummy at least 3 times a week for the past 5 years with all the techniques in my wing chun arsenal and it just needs a Good wipe down every few months and its good as new.   Ever since I received it I've always kept it outside under a plastic cover and from me its already received an A-Grade in the weather test with no cracks and no chips.

I thought my review of 5 years ago was definitely due a upgrade and to be truthfully honest it's as if I just purchased it as new. I would honestly recommend any true wing chun or martial arts enthusiast to buy one of these because I can vouch for its excellence.  Many thanks to Steven Radford on a wonderful job.


Rob Connell - Ulti-Mate Portable Freestainding - Sydney, Australia


Whoo what a beauty mate! Love your work the quality is outstanding! Thanks for all your hard work you may be getting some more orders once I show it round my school ;)

Rob Connell



Luke Perera - Ip Man freestanding - Bedfordshire


Hi Steve,

Received the dummy and I have put it together. Looks great.

Many thanks.



Shaun McDonogh - Ip Man freestanding - Sussex


Absolutely amazing job steve!!

Thank you so much as absolutely am amazed at the Dummy.

It would be awesome to see the process sometime so I can attempt a mini version for my son.

Thanks again,


Bill Lunney - JKD Freestanding - Glasgow


Evening Steve,

Just a quick note to say the dummy is EXCELLENT.  Very pleased with it.  I was asked to pass on your website details and with that it occurred to me I hadn’t sent any feedback.

Great quality, looks fantastic.  Use it every week.  Odd thing to describe but it’s lovely thing to own and have in my home.

Anyway, all the best to yourself and I’ll be sure to continue to recommend your work.

Many thanks,



Brian Duncan - Ip Man freestanding - Denver, USA


Fist off, I have purchased a dummy from you in the past and really love your craftsmanship and quality. Best dummy I have ever used.

I am interested in purchasing another dummy for my school and am thinking of getting the half full round dummy.

Cheers, Brian Duncan


Niklas - Lean & Mean - Sweden


A few years back i bought a lean-and-mean dummy from you, and since then it has been a natural part of my living room and my daily training. I am very satisfied, so now that I'm looking to invest in a dummy for the club I'm training at I of course come to you again. 

Unfortunately we're not the only ones training at that training center, and I believe a quick removable dummy would be the best option for us.

Best regards


lean and mean - Rob Whiteside - Freestanding - Cleveland


Hi Stephen,

Just want to say thank you so much for making me such a fantastic Wooden Dummy! The build quality, materials and craftsmanship are absolutely second to none. I hope to keep and train with my new training partner for the rest of my life!

All the best mate

Rob W

Lesley Railton - JKD Quick Removable Freestanding - Sussex

Hi Steve,

Just to let you know that the dummy has arrived and my son is very pleased with it.

Many thanks


Jon Steiner - Oak Portable Freestanding - London

Hi Steven,

All arrived this morning safely & now constructed & tested! It's a beauty.

You were right. It was worth the wait.

Many thanks

Jon Steiner


Kemal Hussein - Ip Man Wall Mounted Rack - London

Hi Steve

Just to let you know that I finally got the dummy up around a month ago.  

As luck would have it, a few weeks after it was delivered I broke my thumb and so I couldn't even put it up let alone try it out!

Anyway its up now in all its glory and looks amazing.  There has been a lot of quiet gasps as people see it 😉.

It feels and sounds great, and gives me great pleasure every time I use it.  Many thanks again for the hard work that went into making it.  It was definitely worth the wait and I look forward to using it for many years to come.  It truly is a masterpiece.

I hope your shoulder is okay, and that things are going alright with the business.  Be nice to keep in touch.

All the best.



Andrew Booker - Freestanding Oak Dummy - Northamptonshire


Hello Stephen,

I have been enjoying my new character oak traditional wing chun wooden dummy for over a month now and it has become part of my daily life.

You kept me updated with progress and it was certainly worth the wait.

The wooden dummy is as much a beautiful piece of furniture as it is a valuable training aid.

can clearly see that a lot of care and attention have gone into both the selection of the wood and the construction.

I feel it was well worth the price compared to cheaper models I could see advertised on the web from abroad.

I have no doubt both my sons and I will benefit from training with it for many years.

Best wishes


Andrew Booker


John Antoniades - Freestanding Oak Dummy - Kent


Dear Steven,

Just a short note to say thank you.

Quality materials, quality workmanship.

kind regards


John A.Antoniades



Kalvin Zemzaris - GM Ip Man Freestanding - London

Steve- Thank you so much- the dummy is better then advertised!

And your care and attention to detail, and friendly approach while dealing with me has blown me away.

I can't explain how easy it is to work on my new dummy- everyone just has to feel it for themselves. It is Ultimate Perfection and your love and care for your work are above and beyond all and any expectations.

And I can see it and feel it every time I work on my dummy.

Steve- you rock!


Hang Zhang - GM IP Man Portable Freestanding - West Midlands

Hi Steve,
I am so happy when I saw this perfect wooden dummy. It is just standing there like a beautiful lady.Thank you very much Steve,You are an artist. 
Kind Regards

Han Zhang



Kemal Hussain - GM Ip Man Traditional Rack -  Wellingborough

Hi Steve

Just to let you know that the dummy arrived safely on Friday.

I must say, it really is a beautiful looking dummy,I'm very excited to set it up and try it out.

Best Regards

Kemal Hussein



Michael Downie - Hung Gar Freestanding - Aberdeen

Hi Steven,
Just wanted to say thanks.
The dummy looks extremely well made and feels really solid with nice play in the arms. I've been able to show it of to some new students already and I love training with it.

I would definitely recommend you to anyone interested in getting their own wooden dummy. You've made a real art of making them. 
Many thanks, 
Michael Downie.



Niall Hunt - Portable Freestanding - Essex

Hi Steven, just to let you know that the new dummy and looks beautiful.

Thank you for your hard work and effort in sorting this out for me.

Your dummies are excellent and this one is no exception.

Warmest regards




Bram Borremans - Quick Removable Freestanding - Belgium

Hi Steven!

The dummy arrived safe and sound, the packaging was impressive! Love the feel of the dummy, great craftsmanship!

Many thanks for all your efforts!

Kind regards,

Bram Borremans



Martin Szalowski - JKD Portable Freestanding - Austria

Hey Steven !

I had finally the Chance to open and assemble the wooden dummy yesterday.

I’m glad, it turned out amazing.

Best regards,




Karen Canning - GM Ip Man Freestanding - Glasgow

Hi there,
Dummy arrived this morning. Absolutely stunning! Thank you very much!
All the very best to yourself.



Amani - GM Ip Man Freestanding Oak - Harrow

I got my dummy after being anxious and giving Steve lots of headache, I am so glad he did take the time to make my custom made dummy!
What a beautiful piece of work! I'm so sorry I bothered Steve now I feel like a kid with this dummy, I don't want to touch it!
Value for money and fantastic quality and I have looked for long time on Internet shops and schools, the best ever, well worth the wait.

Keep up the good work and well done, glad to see there are sill honest and hard working people left like you in the world. 



Greig Evans - Oak JKD Freestanding - Gloucester


“All received and brilliant, thank you very much.

      Greig ”


Matt Davis - Freestanding - Worcestershire

“Hi Steve,

I received the dummy on Friday and couldn’t be more pleased with it. Thanks very much for all your efforts!




Graham Wyman - Freestanding Oak - Hereford


“Hi Steven.  I have just unwrapped it.  It is so beautiful, even more than I imagined.  Thank you so much for your hard work.  I am so happy with it

Many thanks




Hoi Ming - Freestanding - Wales


“Hi Steven,

Just to let u know that my dummy has just arrived safely, I can't wait to set it up and start practicing my wing chun techniques.

Thank you very much for such a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, the wood grain looks great in gloss finish.

All the best



Michel Ronaghyon - Prestige Freestandig JKD Wenge - Hungary


“Hi, I have received the dummy, I must say it is truly a masterpiece, very beautiful.”



John Roberts - Freestanding Prestige Walnut  - Staffordshire


“This dummy is a work of art! The walnut was a great choice and the quality of the build is second to none.

I have had Dummy’s in the past but this one will last me a life time!

Anyway a big thank you and I would recommend anyone that’s into martial arts to look no further than yourselves if they want something that they can be proud to own.

John Roberts. "



Anthony Cross - Freestanding Redwood - Wigan


“Hi Steve,


Just letting you know that my dummy turned up yesterday as planned.

Many thanks it's really great the finish is beyond what I could of hoped for.

I'm very happy I wish you all the best for the future.


Kind regards



Bryan Sadler -Freestanding Redwood - Nottingham


“ Hiya Steve,
I got the dummy last week. It is really a brilliant piece of craftsmanship, a fantastic finish to it all of it.
I am looking forward to spending many years learning and training on my wooden dummy.

Thanks again

Bryan “


David Kong - London - Lean & Mean




Just wanted to say thank you and that I'm really happy with the dummy you made. It's beautifully finished and looks great. The dummy was packaged very well.”


Christopher Blackburne - London - Oak Freestanding


“Absolutely loving my wooden dummy, Thanks so much for making it a beauty, just goes to show, good things come to those that wait.”


Martin Parsons - Worcestershire - GM Ip Man Portable Freestanding


“Hi Steve, I have received the dummy and I'm very happy. Thank you very much, it looks great.





Joel stein - Rope Bound Portable Freestanding - USA


“Hi Steven
This is let you know that the dummy arrived safe and secure. It is already set up and I'm enjoying the fruits of your labour.
I've played with it a bit and I'm getting to know it. I find it to be a wonderful dummy; responsive and good looking too :^)
I've had five others and I'd rank it the top.

Thanks and Best Regards
Joel “



Lee Murray -  Devon - Freestanding

“I bought a wing chun dummy from Ultimate Wooden dummies.  who produces very high quality products. Steve takes your measurements then builds you a Custom dummy specifically to your height and body frame. He also gave me advice on which dummy was most suitable for me and my body type. In my opinion buying from Ultimate Wooden dummies is like buying a high quality guitar such as a gibson, Paul reed smith or fender. He builds handmade quality products which should last a lifetime, a dummy which could be passed on a few generations, but can also take a real battering and stand up to it. The best thing to do is pay for your dummy then get on with your wing chun training, work and everyday life and let the man do his thing. A great surprise if you forget about it., before you know it you will have a delivery guy knocking on your door with your dummy. "The quality is definitely worth the wait, perfection never comes with speed". I've spoken to many people who bought dummies from china thinking they will save money £700 just to last a few months or have the wood split. There is no guarantee with the quality buying an import. "I'd prefer to have Steve at Ultimate wing chun dummies take his Time building my dummy and know that I have a top notch quality dummy which I can pass on to my son.  Don't ask him for Speed ask him for Perfection". My dummy arrived the other day and it was packaged very well Steve had even made a real effort to package the dummy carefully. There don't seem to be many skilled tradesman left who take real pride in their work but Steve seems to. I would definitely recommend buying a Martial arts dummy from him. Excellent quality to the wood and the grain of the wood looks fantastic with clear lacquer.

Lee Murray

Director: Lee Murray
Lee Murray Animation Ltd “


Attila Csako - London - GM Ip Man Freestanding


“Hello Steven, I’m very impressed and have to tell you it's a masterpiece. You did perfect job,I really appreciate it. Thank you very much indeed.

Attila “

Rachel Weston - Birmingham - Freestanding


“Hi Steve, just to say the wooden dummy arrived today as you said it would, I must say the workmanship on the dummy is just superb, and is of very high standard.

My partner is just over the moon with it… A very happy man indeed. The wait was very much worthwhile, a huge thank you

Kind regards

R Weston”


Sean Mann - Lincoln - Freestanding


“Steve it's arrived, it's just like Ip man’s personal dummy I used at GM Ip Chun’s in china, the leg is amazing, spec is perfect and finish is beautiful to say the least, even the feel of it is so smooth, when in bong sau on dummy arm my elbow to shoulder is perfectly horizontal to the ground

Honestly blown away, nothing else to say its awesome”


Carl Jackson - London - JKD Freestanding


 “ Hi Steven, I thought I'd let you know that the dummy's arrived and is safely set up and looking epic in my front room.  Whilst I knew from the images online it would look great it wasn't until it was constructed and in front of me that I fully appreciated the craftsmanship, artistry and obsession that has gone into it's production.  Beyond it's wonderful aesthetic it feels great to the touch, really stable with a beautiful sound.  As I mentioned earlier I researched extensively before deciding upon Ulti-Mate and it wasn't even the case that your dummies closely beat another supplier.  To be honest from what I could find, nothing comes close either in the range offered and more importantly the quality.  Thanks again, WELL worth the wait, I'm looking forward to a lifetime of training with the dummy.  

All the Best

Carl  ”


Ray Lane - Essex - Freestanding


“  Hi Steven, The Jong arrived safe & sound today, & such craftsmanship! Just finished unpacking (which was excellent),

& now I have a training partner that will never grow tired. (Just how I will never tire of its beauty).  “


Stanley Chan  - London - GM Ip Man Freestanding



“  Steven,  Just letting you know that the Dummy arrived safely today. Fully assembled it looks superb and has been exceptionally well made. The workmanship and quality certainly speaks for itself, it undoubtedly has been a worthwhile wait.  ”


Mike Jones -  Sussex - Coconut Freestanding


“  Hi Steven, The dummy was delivered yesterday. I am seriously impressed with the quality of your workmanship and attention to detail – the dummy really is a work of art and beautifully finished.  I chose coconut wood for an element of uniqueness and a little extra weight and the finished item has far exceeded my expectation. The dimensions are perfect and the arms and legs are in EXACTLY the right places for me. I look forward to decades of use and will pass on your details to my fellow club members.  ”

Mandy Shields - West Yorkshire - Freestanding


“  Hi Steven, Just letting you know the dummy has arrived safely and is assembled. It's fantastic. Thank you for your correspondence.

I have a very happy partner now.

Many thanks, Mandy.  ”


Errol Holder - Essex - Hung Gar Freestanding


“  Hi Steve, Thank you very much,my dummy is the business,thank you very much

Have a great day,you have made mine.

Errol  ”


Paul Worley - Essex - GM Ip Man Freestanding


“  Hi, it looks absolutely amazing, I would highly recommend you to any new / potential customers that are looking to buy a wooden dummy. The customer service that you provide is brilliant,  able to answer any questions that came up quickly. Your website should be the first and only place people look to when buying a wooden dummy.

Thanks again and I hope you have a brilliant new year.

Paul  ”


Andy Wright - Stoke On Trent - GM Ip Man Portable Freestanding


“  Hi, I am on my dummy as we speak, I am so impressed with the quality of build and the dimensions are perfect for me, all hand positions actually fall in the right place and my feet positions feel right, it has certainly helped me.

I am very pleased with my dummy and have highly recommended it!

Andy  ”


Andy Mckoy - Essex - GM Ip Man Freestanding


“  Hello, I have just finished mounting the Dummy and it's absolutely beautiful - a true work of art.

The height of the arms are also perfect as per my specification.

Can't thank you enough for everything!!, including your patience.

Wishing you all the best for the future

Andy  ”


Florien Perinelle - Avon - JKD Freestanding



"  I will practice and contemplate my dummy with joy and admiration for the great craft and effort that has been put into it.

Thanks again and all the best on your side !  ”


James Hicks - USA - Ip Man Freestanding


“  It is a beautiful piece of work and i absolutely love it.

Thank you for your business and i will be sure to let everyone in my class know about your great wooden dummy. Sifu Garret Gee will be coming here the first week of Aug and im sure he will be equally impressed. I hope to be able to send you LOTS of business. Have a good summer and thanks again  ”


Edmond Torres - New York - Lean & Mean Basic


"  Living in a small New York City flat, I couldn't have a Dummy that had a huge frame. But thanks to the incredibly intelligent design of the Lean and Mean compact, it fits beautifully in my small room.

I was very impressed with the sturdiness and absolutely stunning workmanship with the cutting, molding and finishing of the wood, right down to the smallest details. With all the different types of dummies offered at Ulti-Mate, I don't see why anyone would buy a dummy anywhere else!

"The Dummy arrived today safe and sound, in perfect condition. Thank you for taking such care to wrap it securely. I carefully unwrapped it and all the pieces fit together perfectly. I am absolutely blown away by how beautiful it is, and the workmanship that went into it, Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend your company to all the Wing Chun folks at our school!  

Thanks Guys!

Ed Torres N.Y.C U.S.A  ”


Ricky Laker - Essex - Freestanding



"  Hi there... I have just got my dummy from these guys and from start to finish i am very impressed. From start to finish i was updated and asked what spec i wanted. being a novice in all things dummy like i really did not know what i was buying. However The Don of all things dummy like Steve made sure i got what i wanted and a little bit more. The day it arrived i stood back once i built it and there before me was a work of art...Beautiful...Amazing......

If you are looking at this page and you are contemplating buying a dummy, Do not and i repeat DO not go anywhere else, you will surely miss out...So its thanks to The Don, Steve, of all things dummy like from a very very happy Ricky...."

" I would seriously not bother looking anywhere else. I just brought my dummy off these guys and its a work of art. I have never seen something so beautiful..... Remember a dummy is for life or a long time anyway, a serious investment, I have hunted for a good quality dummy for a cheap price. These are hand crafted to yourself and well worth the money that he is asking... and the customer service is first class and i got it bang on time - Ricky  "


Brian Vancise - Las Vegas - Quick Removable


"In the course of my training I have had very little opportunity to study the Chinese Martial Arts. I did for a brief period of time have the opportunity to learn a “little” Wing Chun. (just enough to be inefficient at it (Wink ) However, through time particularly with the Filipino Martial Arts and in the Japanese system of Budo Taijutsu I developed the trapping, locking and joint manipulation that you see in IRT. Lately due to moving and a reduced amount of teaching time I personally needed a training partner that would not complain and would allow for trapping hands work. Specifically an Ulti-Mate Freestanding Quick Removable Dummy with Mantis/Lop Sao arms . I went with this version because the Lop Sao arms allow you to grab them easier and while the wood is completely in one piece it actually is very easy to move it from my indoor Training Hall to my outdoor Training Hall at home. Since I have had this for a bit now it has received some great beating and managed to keep pace with those beatings! Trapping hand technique training is a joy as is lower leg locking technique. The wood really bites back when you are slamming your shin into the bottom leg. Great for all practitioners! The workmanship is fantastic. Truly a well done Wooden Dummy!I believe in the end in variety of training and this fits a need that any serious martial practitioner could benefit from. It is not a replacement for training with a live partner or a heavy bag but instead some thing to be used in conjunction with them!"


Robert Payne - Berkshire - Freestanding


“  The company that I chose for a wooden dummy turned out to be 10 out of 10 for kind helpful advice,Excellent service and with out doubt

MASTER CRAFTSMEN. My wooden dummy was being hand crafted ,which they kindly kept me updated on the work in progress.And when it arrived in the well wrapped hard box and I finally opened it WOW was my first words I was like a kid at Christmas.

All I can say is Thank you to all that made my wooden dummy.  ”


Garry Henderson - North Lanarkshire - Freetsnding


“  Hi There, the wooden dummy is of exceptional build and quality.You take outstanding pride and satisfaction in every be-spoke wooden dummy that you make  ”


GM Michael Ryan - Newcastle - Freestanding

“  Hello, Next day delivery to Newcastle and packaged securely in wooden crates, my Ultimate Freestanding Dummy arrived this morning. I could not be happier. Ulti-mate-wooden-dummies are passionate about their work and this is truly evident in the dummies' impeccable finish and build quality. During the build process emails were always answered promptly with expert advice. Serious martial artists should not consider any other manufacturer. Many thanks to those involved. This is not just a wooden dummy, but a life long training partner and a work of art.

Michael Ryan  ”

Ben Lodge - Birmingham - Quick Removable Freestanding


“  My Dummy came today so thank you. It looks amazing and is very heavy as you promised.

I'm very happy and so glad I ordered from you guys

Many thanks for all you hard work and prompt replies, it was as you said, very well packaged,

Plus your measurements are spot on.  ”


James Bryers - Surrey - Traditional Rack


"  Awesome piece of Kit.

Very very pleased. Thanks and all the best  "

Rhett Griffin - Gloucestershire - Ulti-mate Portable Freestanding


“  Hi, Dummy all assembled it looks and feels superb - It's a quality piece of work many thanks

Best regards

Rhett  ”

Dimitri Piel - Paris France - Portable Freestanding

"  Hi, I got it today. It fits perfectly. I'm very satisfied.

Best regards  "



Michael Reljic - Spain - Portable Freestanding

“  Hi,

I received this beautiful, excellent Master piece of work yesterday, again thank you very much!

Wishing you so much more to create such beautiful Masterpieces


Many Thanks  ”

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