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Our freestanding JKD Wooden Dummy, carefully hand crafted by us here in the UK using high quality timber. Very independent and stand alone anywhere on a flat surface/floor. No extra weights are required as it is a very stable with a little “feedback” which is excellent for JKD training. It cannot be knocked to the ground whilst practising the JKD form. The neck is correctly designed so that all neck strikes and grabs can be performed as though it is a real human neck. Each of our bespoke dummies are individually carefully hand crafted with great attentioan to detail. Built using a selection of high quality timbers ensuring a long lasting wooden dummy. 


The Body

The body is constructed from the finest hand selected timber. This ensures a strong long lasting high quality dummy body. We hand pick the timber to ensure that only high quality and beautiful timbers are being used, the result is a very attractive and beautiful Wooden Dummy body. The square holes are are all correctly placed and cut according to your selected linage/specifications, ensuring you get that correct “clack” sound when training.


The Arms

The arms are constructed from the finest timber. We make sure all arms are hand made f