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Our exclusive GM Ip Man Ulti-mate portable freestanding Wooden Dummy. We are the only company which has the genuine Specifications of Ip Man’s Actual Wooden dummy. Carefully hand crafted by us here in the UK using high quality timber. This Unique Wooden Dummy Body separates into two halves and quick releases from the stand so it can be easily transported. It’s an excellent choice for those travelling, storage purposes and taking to classes/demonstrations. Although it separates into two halves it is still very strong and very independent, it will stand alone anywhere on a flat surface/floor. No extra weights are required as it is a very stable with a little “feedback” which is excellent for Ip Man Wing Chun training. It cannot be knocked to the ground whilst practising the Ip Man Wing Chun form.


The Body

The body is constructed from the finest hand selected timber. Th