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Our Standard freestanding JKD Wooden Dummy, carefully hand crafted by us here in the UK using high quality timber. Very independent and stand alone anywhere on a flat surface/floor. No extra weights are required as it is a very stable with a little “feedback” which is excellent for JKD training. It cannot be knocked to the ground whilst practising the Wing Chun form. Solid full sized traditional Wooden Dummy body. Beautiful elegant sheen. 


14 days delivery

Standard Freestanding JKD Wooden Dummy - Walnut

Out of Stock

    Standard Freestanding wing chun Wooden Dummy


    • Handmade by highly skilled craftsmen here in the UK
    • Solid Full size Dummy Body
    • Built using hand selected good quality timber
    • Stable full sized freestanding wooden dummy, needs no extra weight for stability
    • Walnut Colour
    • Worldwide shipping available
    • In stock ready for dispatch (14 Days UK Delivery)
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